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Welcome, Hungry Artists! 

About Me

My artistic roots trace back to a theater background where I studied production. While in college, I spent three memorable summers in Utah, working as a scenic artist and hiking the Mountains with colleagues  After graduating from Ohio University, I moved to New York in 2016. 

Over the years, I've explored various creative avenues, working freelance in theater, ceramics, constructing exquisite chandeliers, and assisting seasoned artists. I've also taken on retail and food service roles alongside these endeavors, as many creative professionals often do.

I found myself getting excited with new ideas and starting projects but not able to actually follow through and get things done. I wanted to turn every new interest into a career and got burnt out trying to make things happen. As a creative professional, I desperately needed someone to help me with the tasks I felt I should have already known how to do but couldn't quite cross off the list. 


In 2019, a transformative experience at The Financial Gym, where I started working with a Trainer, steered me down an unforeseen path. I went from feeling anxious about money to getting excited and feeling empowered to share what I learned with others. 

Throughout my years of freelancing and becoming financially fit working with a Trainer, I discovered my true passion lies in assisting fellow creative individuals who struggle in the same ways I do. I enrolled in the Beautiful You Coaching Academy in 2020,  completing the program in early 2021. 



 I now work as the Client Experience Manager at Brass Taxes, a leading company specializing in tax support for freelancers and creative professionals. Additionally, I engage in one-on-one coaching sessions, writing, and freelance art projects.

Working with Brass Taxes allows me to perfectly blend my interests in freelancing, personal finance, and general accountability. It also allows me to grow The Hungry Artist and pursue other hobbies and passions. There are so many myths that having a day job makes you less of an artist, but I believe that's not true. 

In this capitalist hellhole, I'm just a person doing their best, trying to help others do the same. As an accountability coach, I wholeheartedly believe in empowering others to be the best versions of themselves, navigating through this system with compassion and authenticity. Together, we'll tackle challenges, embrace growth, and seek personal fulfillment. If you feel a connection to my approach and believe in the power of positive change, I'd love to be friends and comrades. 


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