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April Credit Card Update

Better Late Than Never

Usually, on the first of the month, I share an update about my current credit card debt payoff progress. It's a fun way to hold myself accountable while being open about paying down debt. Money is so taboo, and I hope that by sharing my actual numbers, others know they're not alone in their financial struggles.

Since this post is NOT coming out on the first of April, you can probably assume things were a little hectic here. As we are approaching the end of the month, I wanted to post this before May rolled around. I keep my spreadsheet updated, so these numbers reflect the progress on the first of April, even though this post is coming out weeks later than planned.

March 1 Debt: $3,525

April 1 Debt: $2,830

Progress: -$695

I didn't sit down and look at these numbers until writing this post, and I'm pretty pleased with the progress made in March. This is why doing these types of reflections is essential. Between tax season and Ramadan, April felt like a more spendy month, so we'll see how the May numbers shake out in a few weeks.

A moment to celebrate is my Chase credit card has been paid in full! This is one of the cards that had a larger balance I've been working on over time, and it's fantastic to see the light at the end of the tunnel slowly peek through.

We're already well into the first month of Q2! How are you feeling so far? Did you get a chance to reflect on your overall goals? Let me know in the comments or send me an email at

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