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March Credit Card Update

It's the first of the month, and my regular readers know that means it's time for a credit card update! I do this as a fun way to hold myself accountable and be open about paying off debt. I've carried a credit card balance since my first college Discover card, but I am working hard this year to pay these off once and for all. One of my financial goals for 2023 is to increase my net worth by $20,023! Paying off my consumer debt is an excellent step towards this larger goal.

Working in taxes is interesting because the first few months of the year are pretty chaotic, and I definitely felt that in February. We shift to an adjusted workweek and getting into a new routine always takes some time. This month was about maintaining the habits I built for myself in January. It didn’t go exactly as I'd hoped, but that’s just life. I always think I'm gonna be more on top of my shit than I actually am, and that's nothing new.

I wanted to write more in between these updates because the blog is supposed to be a fun place to find interesting stories, resources, and recommendations fun place to find interesting stories, resources, and recommendations. Even though most of my ideas are just floating around in drafts, I'm committed to these monthly updates. And this month, we are still trending in the right direction. Is the process as shiny as I'd like to report, nah. But that’s life, and we're just rolling with it.

February 1 Debt: $3,850

March 1 Debt: $3,525

Progress: -$325

This month, I'm celebrating just being here and making progress in the right direction. March will only get busier, so I'm not making any promises to be awesome with my spending magically. I'm going to try just doing my best and trying to stay in the right direction. It's the last month of Q1! How are you doing with your financial goals? What are your feelings going into March? Let me know in the comments or send me an email at

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