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May Credit Card Update

We're Moving and Grooving

Usually, on the first of the month, I share an update about my current credit card debt payoff progress. It's a fun way to hold myself accountable while being open about paying down debt. Money is so taboo, and I hope that by sharing my actual numbers, others know they're not alone in their financial struggles. Last month's update was super late, so I wanted to wait a few days before posting the May 01 update!

April is a weird month because the tax deadline is halfway through, and while some things slow down, everything else that was put on the back burner the last few weeks comes up to the surface. Not just at work but in life stuff too. There is so much I need to do and catch up on that the last few weeks haven't felt very relaxing.

My instinct, as always, is to jump into everything all at once. I recognized this quickly and wanted to actively not overwhelm myself as soon as tax season was over. So I paused, took a breath, and tried to make a plan to tackle things one at a time. One task is posting this credit card update, so here it is!

April 1 Debt: $2,830.00

May 1 Debt: $2,593.00

Progress: - $237

I already know May has been a more expensive month than I'd planned (a last-minute visit to the doctor without insurance will do that to you), so my goal is to keep the progress going in the right direction.

Now that it's Spring, how are you feeling about your finances? It's an expensive time to be a person, and it will only get more as summer rolls in. Leave a comment or send an email to

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