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New Year, Same Me, but Slightly Better

New Year, Same Me, but Hopefully a bit Better

Hello 2023

On Martinis and Your Money every December, Shannon gets her friends together to reflect on their year and set goals/intentions for the next one. I love these episodes because it’s a beautiful way this group of friends stays accountable. This tradition inspired me to share my goals for 2023 on the blog publicly, so I can check in throughout the year, see if we’re on track, and stay accountable to myself with all of you.

Overall Theme for this Year

The overarching theme for this year is USE WHAT I HAVE. Not only to reduce spending but consumption in general. I want to appreciate everything I have at this moment. This spans all of my action steps in some way.

Sara W, a Trainer at The Financial Gym, mentioned on a podcast that she likes to make lists that match the year. I loved the idea, so I’m borrowing it and my actionable goals this year all revolve around the number 23.

Increase my net worth by $20,023

To make this happen, I need to find ~$1,700 monthly towards increasing my net worth. Between a global pandemic and generally figuring out what I want to do with my life, the last few years have been stagnant for me financially.

This year, I am buckling down and ready to level up. I have a consistent job, side hustle opportunities, and the motivation to make big moves. You can read more about it in my January 2023 Credit Card Update.

Try 123 New Recipes

I spent lots of money on food in 2022 for groceries and takeout/delivery. I’m not the only person who felt their grocery bill skyrocketed this year. Between inflation and living in an expensive city, eating is expensive. Still, there are opportunities for improvement in my personal budget. In an attempt to reduce food waste/spending, I want to try a fuck ton of new recipes.

Between the 2020 lockdown and working from home, I’ve had the time to explore and improve at cooking. I’ve learned that most recipes aren’t terribly difficult to make and don’t require many ingredients. Between my cookbooks, my roommate’s, and the internet, finding 123 new recipes to try should be pretty straightforward.

Read 123 Books

Audiobooks make reading a little bit each day super simple. Some people don’t think listening to a book counts as reading, and that’s fine because I do, and this is my goal. I also love reading physical books and have plenty on my TBR that fit that bill, so the 123 will hopefully be a nice mix of both. Getting a library card is one of my action steps this year, so I can utilize the free audiobooks available. This will help me use the great resources here in NY and save money by not purchasing every book I want to hear.

I listen to audiobooks through, which I love because, through your membership, you get to choose an independent bookstore to support. I’m tracking all the progress and participating in fun challenges on StoryGraph. If you’re there, add me as a friend!

Watch 23 Movies/Documentaries

Podcasts are my absolute favorite medium over TV, movies, and documentaries. I’ll listen to someone talk about a documentary over watching it any day. I think this is because visual content can be overwhelming, and I prefer to listen to people tell stories rather than watch them. I’ve never been a huge fan of movies, but my partner loves them. I enjoy watching movies together with him, and it’s something I want to do more intentionally this year, so it’s going on the official goal list.

I pay for Netflix, and my partner and roommate have the other services. Between the three of us, we have access to almost all platforms. This is one of the perks of living with a roommate and one I don’t utilize quite enough. Lots of room to work on this goal, using what’s already available.

Do 23 New York-y Things

I love living in this city, and I sure do pay a butt-ton of rent to live here. Since 2020, I’ve spent more time in my house and less time out in the city because, well, the pandemic and working from home. I’m ready to get back out there and enjoy the city. The magical thing about NY is that there are lots of things to do here for cheap or free. I can do these things alone, with Mr. Kristen, and with friends. Anything that I can only do here in New York counts.

Try 23 New Restaurants

I mentioned in 2022, there was a lot of takeout and delivery in the yearly spending. This is fine, but looking back, I ate at many of the same places over and over. Instead of ordering delivery after a long day, I want more of my restaurant spending to be at places I’m excited to try. There are many unique places to eat in New York, from fancy restaurants to the best food trucks.

Try 23 New to me Podcasts.

I have been listening to podcasts for years now, and instead of branching out, I will sometimes stay in the loop of shows I like. When one is recommended to me, I binge through it while adding it to the regular rotation. FINDING the new shows and ultimately pressing pay is the hard part. Since this is a medium I adore, I want to try 23 new podcasts, at least 2 episodes from each.

87 % Daily Habit Tracker

I’ve been using a daily habit tracker for over a year after months of tracking, changing, and updating my daily habits. This tracker has been one of the best things I’ve done for my scattered brain. From taking my anxiety medication, pulling a tarot card, doing three daily cleaning tasks, skincare, brushing my teeth, etc. I ended 2022 with just under 80% on most of my habits and am aiming for 87%-95% for 2023. No matter how chaotic my days get, I aim to complete as many of my daily habits as possible. When I’m in a good flow with my habits, other things in life fall into place.

Feeling Optimistic

Who knows what this year will bring, but I’m feeling optimistic when this post goes live. My list is a little chaotic, but I aim to try many new things while utilizing what’s already available. It’s a year of focusing on being intentional with my actions, money, and just getting shit done.

What are your goals, intentions, or words for 2023? Let me know in the comments or send an email to

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