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November Credit Card Update

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October was a big month here! The 17th was the extended tax deadline, so work was more hectic than the rest of the summer. It's the one year anniversary of my full time job and yesterday I had a meeting with my Financial Trainer. Things are moving and grooving over here, and I'm excited for the second credit card update here on the blog. This month, the student loan debt relief waiver went live, and I applied as soon as I could. Some asshats are suing to try to block the relief, so we'll just have to keep our fingers crossed and see what happens there. I don't have patience for people against helping borrowers. I'm curious to see if they're going to request documents, like former tax returns, but am itching to change my spreadsheet. My net worth jumping $20k is going to feel so amazing, and move me closer towards getting out of the red. If you're new here, this series is where the first week of every month, I share my credit card debt payoff journey. This is something I used to share on Patreon, and you can read the first post here to see where it started.

Reflecting on October & Frugal Fall Since October was pretty busy at work, there wasn't as much time for side hustles as I would have liked. Both of the cats saw the vet this month for yearly vaccines, and other issues. If you have pets, you know how trips to the vet can get expensive quickly. Thankfully, I've been saving and planning for these visits, and my partner helps with the financial obligations for our furry babes. In addition, our apartment lost a pet this month. My roommate's senior cat passed away and even though we knew it was happening soon, it was still a tough time. I spent a little extra money on my roommate (unplanned), since it's how my dad taught me it's how you support people emotionally. She had a vet come to our house, which was a nice experience, but definitely expensive for her. These types of unexpected expenses are things I try to plan for, and want to be better about saving for in the future. The last two .months of the year are generally more expensive than other times. With it being the holiday season, there are all types of expenses that pop up. From gift giving, traveling to see friends / family, to cooking special holiday meals. These expenses aren't a surprise, really, but each year, I don't seem to plan throughout the year, or set aside any extra cash. So, here's to November. Let's see how things shake out, shall we?

The Numbers:

So here's where we are: Today's debt: $3,903 October debt: $4,151 Progress: - $248

Is this progress the most exciting? Not really. Since I've been treading in my debt the better part of this year, any progress in the correct direction is a win for me. Sitting down to write this post was an amazing time to reflect on the progress, and make a plan for next month to be even better. Are you paying off debt? Let me know in the comments, or send an email to !

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