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Welcome to The Hungry Artist Blog

Welcome to the first post on the new Hungry Artist Blog. Technically, this is the third time I’ve started a blog and the plan right now is for this website to be the permanent home…. The third time’s a charm, right?

In late 2019, I started working with a Certified Financial Trainer at The Financial Gym and it was a pivotal moment in my life. Getting financially healthy changed everything for me, and naturally, I wanted to talk about this new thing I learned with anyone who would listen. I’ve always loved writing and knew this was going to be a special time in my life, so I started a blog in early 2020.

I Found a Job I Don't Hate & Plan to Stay a While

I never dreamed I’d find a full-time job that I love and is a good fit for everything I want to do, but that’s what happened in October of 2021.. After a few years of freelancing, working, studying, and waiting, I finally feel like I’m at a place I can plan to stay for many years. It’s an interesting feeling, but a new one for me. It feels safe to put down roots here, and I’m excited to grow! Now that there is consistency in my work, it allows the freedom to write and share about whatever I want on my blog. Perfectionism is something I struggle with and let it keep me from posting. In 2022, my motto for the year is, ‘Done is better than perfect.’ The posts here might not be perfectly curated or polished, but it’s fine. When I look back and read them a year from now, I’ll probably cringe at the writing, but it’s all part of the process.

It's All About Small Sustainable Changes

Creating a positive change doesn't require turning your entire life upside down. The main pillars of the content here will focus on financial health, physical health, and mental health as they’re all intertwined and have an effect on our professional and creative lives.

The internet is an incredibly vast resource, but all of the information can be overwhelming. This blog will be as little fluff as possible. Some posts will be short and sweet while others have more depth. I will try not to give you more than you need for the sake of word count or SEO. If you’re new here, welcome! If you’ve been following along, thanks for being here! I can’t wait to share more of The Hungry Artist with you.

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