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Hi friends & folks

I'm Kristen, an accountability coach and creative professional living in Brooklyn, New York. I work with highly motivated, creative professionals from various fields across the industry. My clients are those who have projects, goals, and the skills to achieve them but benefit from structured systems and accountability. The ‘starving artist’ trope is one I refuse to accept and actively work against each day. I work with hungry artists who aim to smash stereotypes and find their truest selves.

My background is in theater and I moved to New York in 2016 after graduating from Ohio University and spending the summer in Utah professionally painting, hiking with coworkers, and smooching a cute musician from the orchestra. Since then, I’ve spent many years freelancing through a range of different jobs from theater, to ceramics, building designer chandeliers, and assisting professional artists. As many creative professionals do, I’ve also had other retail and food services jobs sprinkled throughout.


In 2019, I started working with a Trainer at The Financial Gym, and it set me on a path different than I ever dreamed. I attended Beautiful You Coaching Academy in 2020 and finished the program in early 2021. After freelancing for a few years and learning more about money, helping other creative folks with their business and finances became my passion. I now work as the Client Experience Manager at Brass Taxes, a company that specializes in helping freelancers and creative professionals with their taxes. I also work with clients one-on-one, write, and pursue freelance art projects.

There are myths about soul sucking day jobs making you less of an artist or art being valid only if there was struggle involved in getting there. While a career as a creative is a lot of work, it is more than possible to live comfortably and still put your art into the world. This looks different for every person, but with some reflection, finding your path and pursuing those big goals is achievable and I'm here to help you get where you want to go! 

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